Checklist Relocation

Before your arrival

  • Sign and return work application form for residence (just NON-EU members) and work permit to HR
  • Obtain necessary documents for application procedure (list to be received from HR Service) and send to HR Specialist. Please consider, that it can be time consuming to get some of the documents
  • Read the most important information on the integration homepage
  • Complete the Accommodation Card and return it to Gaby Mair to start the process for house hunting. Additionally:
    • Please inform us if and when familiy members will join you
  • First contact through your relocation partner regarding house hunting trip. Please coordinate:
    • Date for house hunting (duration ca. 2-4 days)
  • Send the following documents/information to your HR Specialist so that flights, hotel and rental car can be booked (For MO Transfer; would it be possible to combine the house hunting trip with a business trip?):
    • Flight details (date, departure airport)
    • Passport copies of all travelers
    • Copy of your driver licence
  • Define estimated relocation date and consider approximate duration of transport of 6 to 8 weeks
    • Please note - Hilti relocation policy will not include relocation of all types of vehicles.
  • Complete relocation form and return it to Gaby Mair to start the moving process
  • Consult health insurance providers to request a quote
    • See contacts on the integration homepage
  • Arrival according to support category:
    • Around 3 weeks before your arrival, please inform your HR Specialist regarding flight details (date, departure, airport), rental car and temporary housing

After arrival

  • Registration at local town hall of residence (Wohngemeinde) within 8 days after arrival:
    • contact relocation partner to arrange an appointment for admin service
  • (for Non-European) Swiss authorities will send you a request to report to the appropriate passport office (in person) to take finger-prints in order to issue the „biometrische Ausländerausweis“ (residence permit – 4 weeks)
  • Decide and sign your health insurance contract and send a copy of the policy to your HR Specialist
  • Send your bank details to the HR Specialist within the first 10 days after your start
  • Schedule the house hunting and admin task, if you still haven’t signed a rental contract
    • You will receive support through relocation partner
  • Send a copy of your residence permit to your HR Specialist
  • Send a copy of your tax certificate to your HR Specialist, if you are living in Switzerland and work in Liechtenstein
    • available at the local tax office
  • Contact the tax adviser (Hilti partner) after receiving the first salary

Please download the PDF to print the checklist