You can find doctors and specialists in your residential region on the Internet at:

For all doctors in Switzerland, you should first arrange an appointment by phone. Due to certain framework conditions within the Swiss healthcare system, you may face a situation where the doctor contacted does not wish to take you on as a new patient. In this case, please contact a specialist colleague. When visiting a new doctor for the first time, you will have to complete a form listing all your personal data, insurance information, health insurance provider and general state of health.

Paying bills

The payment of doctor's bills/medicines is handled differently depending on the doctor and insurance company. You might receive a bill from the doctor sent directly to your home. Whether or not you should first pay the bill to your doctor directly or wait for it to be dealt with by your health insurance company must be clarified in advance with your health insurance company.
The doctor may also send the bill straight to your health insurance company. In this case, your insurance company will contact you if, in accordance with the deductible amount in your contract, you have to pay part of the cost yourself.


Under Spitalinfo you can find all the hospitals in Switzerland, including their contact details. Please note that, depending on your personal health insurance contract, services are only reimbursed for certain hospitals.
The hospitals in Altstätten, Grabs and Walenstadt are part of the
hospital region Rheintal, Werdenberg Sarganserland.

Emergency numbers/emergencies

In an emergency or outside the normal consultation hours (especially in the night and at weekends), either drive straight to the nearest hospital or contact the responsible duty doctor. The duty doctor is announced every weekend in local newspapers under "Notarzt" (doctor on emergency duty). Information about doctors who provide emergency services is also available under 144.
Emergency numbers:
Police emergency number: 117
Fire department emergency number: 118
Medical emergency number: 144