Liechtenstein education system

The education system is entirely under state supervision. The state supports and ensures that compulsory education in public schools is free of charge. In addition, the scholarship system for education after compulsory education is organized by the state.
The vast majority of students in Liechtenstein attend public schools. In addition to the public schools, there are two private schools: Liechtensteinische Waldorfschule and the bilingual private school "formatio". Compulsory education lasts nine years and includes five years of primary and four years of secondary education.
Generally, a child in Liechtenstein goes to (voluntary) kindergarten from the age of 4 or 5 for two years, which is financed by the municipality. Normally you register directly at the local kindergarten. Information on which is the relevant public kindergarten is provided by each municipality of residence.
Then from the age of 5, your child attends the primary school in your municipality. Admission to the first grade of primary school takes place at the age of 6.


Secondary school

After primary school, your child attends a lower secondary school for four years. The lower secondary schools are run in the form of a tripartite system, which is divided into grammar school (Oberschule), secondary modern school (Realschule) and lower secondary school (Unterstufengymnasium). The freedom to choose between the individual types of school is an important principle of the Liechtenstein education system. At lower secondary level there are several possibilities to change from one type of school to another.


At upper secondary level (= following compulsory education), there are basically two courses of education that students can pursue: the general path and the vocational path. The vocational path opens up direct entry into professional life and higher vocational training courses. The vocational school-leaving certificate (Berufsmaturität) can be completed at the bzb (Berufs- und Weiterbildungszentrum Buchs) and entitles the student to study at universities of applied sciences. The general education schools are primarily geared towards university education. Liechtenstein also has a vocational school, where students can study full time, or part-time in parallel with work. The Liechtenstein vocational school-leaving certificate opens up access to universities of applied sciences in Switzerland as well as universities of applied sciences and universities in Austria.
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Private schools

You will find a list of all private schools in Switzerland here.


International school

There is an international school in Buchs where Hilti employees are granted special terms and conditions. For any additional information contact the school directly:
International School Rheintal (ISR)
Aeulistrasse 10
P.O. Box
CH – 9471 Buchs

Tel. +41 81 750 63 00
For more information please contact Cathy Dietel, SHPRdc