General social insurance system

The social insurance system in Liechtenstein and Switzerland corresponds with the three-pillar system.
Social insurance system Liechtenstein
The system is based on the principle that all people living and working in Liechtenstein/Switzerland, as well as their family members, should have their economic existence ensured in cases such as disability, old age and death.
1. Pillar: State pension: serves the purpose of existential insurance

  • Old age, survivors’ and disability insurance (AHV and IV)
  • Family allowance office (FAK)
  • Unemployment insurance (ALV)

2. Pillar: Occupational pension: designed to ensure a familiar standard of living

  • Pension Fund (PK) [details can be found in the Pension Fund Regulations]
  • Occupational and non-occupational accident insurance (BU/NBU)
  • Mandatory health and per diem sickness insurance (KV)

3. Pillar: Self-provision: private pension plan (voluntary)

  • The third pillar serves to cover pension gaps that can't be covered by the 1st and 2nd pillars.

Three pillar system

Source: Wealth Planning, Credit Suisse

AHV/IV (old age and survivors/disability insurance) CH

Employees of HAG in Liechtenstein

► Compulsory insurance with the Liechtenstein AHV/IV

AHV/IV Anstalt Vaduz
Gerberweg 2
FL – 9490 Vaduz
Tel. +423 238 16 16

  • Non-employed spouses residing in Switzerland are solely liable for AHV contributions in Switzerland. Registration for the fulfillment of the contribution obligation should take place within the first months after the move to Switzerland. The registration is accepted by the AHV branch office of the municipality of residence. Further information and registration forms are available from the SHPR specialist department. The contact person for questions is Ms. Carolin Scholz, Tel. 2313.  

Employees of HIBAG in Switzerland

► Compulsory insurance with Swiss AHV/IV

Ostschweizerische AHV-Ausgleichskasse
Lindenstrasse 137
CH – 9016 St. Gallen
Tel. +41 (0)71 282 35 35


Obligation to contribute

  • From 1 January after the age of 17
  • The entire earned income is subject to the obligation to contribute (no ceiling)
  • Employers and employees make a contribution.
  • Liechtenstein: only liable to contribute up to retirement age
  • Switzerland: also liable to contribute during retirement but with tax-free allowance per month

AHV/IV insurance benefits

  1. Retirement pension
  2. Survivor's pension
  3. Disability pension

1. Retirement pension

  • Ordinary retirement age
    • Liechtenstein: Women and men 64 years. From year 1958 at 65 years for both men and women
    • Switzerland: women 64 years, men 65 years
  • Advance withdrawal or deferment is possible; percentage reduction or supplement of the pension

2. Survivor's pension

  • Widow/widower's pension or orphan's pension

3. Disability pension

  • Insured persons entitled to disability pension benefits are those who are expected to be permanently or partially unable to work for a long period of time due to a health risk. It is irrelevant whether the disability is physical or mental and whether it was caused by a birth defect, illness or accident.

ALV (unemployment insurance)

Obligation to contribute

  • All employees of HAG/HIBAG
  • The basis for the contributions is the standard AHV gross salary, however not the entire earned income is subject to the obligation to pay contributions (ceiling)
    • Liechtenstein: CHF 10,500 per month, CHF 126,000 per year
    • Switzerland: CHF 12,350 per month, CHF 148,200 per year
  • The place of work principle applies for the payment of contributions

ALV insurance benefits

  • The place of residence principle applies to the receipt of benefits
  • Unemployment benefit of 70% or 80% of the insured earnings, if contributions have been made for at least 12 months within the last 2 years

PK (Pension Fund)

Obligation to contribute

  • Risk insurance from 15 years
  • Old age insurance from 20 years
  • Basis for the contributions is the annual wage @ 1.0
  • Premium depending on age for employee and employer



Insurance benefits

  • Retirement pension
  • Spouse's pension, i.e. widow's/widower's pension
  • Orphan's pension
  • Disability pension

Hilti Pensionskasse
Grünaustrasse 1a
CH – 9470 Buchs SG
Contact: Markus Ebenhoch, SHVem


Health insurance

It is compulsory in Switzerland that you be covered by a basic health insurance. The level of coverage is stipulated by law. This health insurance must exist from the day you start work/take up your domicile in Switzerland. You must confirm this coverage to the municipality where you live and to Hilti AG or Hilti Befestigungstechnik AG.
Hilti has concluded a group contract with Concordia and SWICA so that Hilti employees and their families can benefit from more favorable premiums for supplementary insurance.

Agentur Buchs
Frau Tanja Gasser
Direktwahl: +41 81 740 05 65
St. Gallerstrasse 3
CH - 9470 Buchs SG

Frau Nicole Schlegel
Direktwahl: +41 81 755 88 83
Bahnhofstrasse 18
CH – 9470 Buchs SG

Please make your own appointments for a consultation with the various insurers so that you can compare the individual offers and select the one most suitable for you. The insurance policies differ in particular with regard to the additional benefits offered. Please note that dental insurance is not included in the basic insurance and must be concluded separately.
You are completely free to choose your health provider, i.e. there is no prescribed company health insurance.

Hilti pays a monthly contribution towards the health insurance premiums that would otherwise have to be paid directly by the employee.
This contribution is a legal prerequisite and amounts to 50% of the basic monthly insurance premium required in Liechtenstein (pro-rata for part-time employees; half the amount up to 20 years).
Hilti grants the employees a continued salary payment of 100% for max. 720 days. The company covers 100% of the daily sickness benefit insurance premiums. We ask you to kindly inform the health insurance fund, so that you are not insured twice.

Accident insurance

When joining the company, all Hilti employees are automatically privately insured by GENERALI against occupational and non-occupational accidents. Family members, however, must be insured separately and at your own cost for health insurance for accidents.

GENERALI Versicherungen
Soodmattenstr. 2
Postfach 1047
CH-8134 Adliswil


Obligation to contribute:

  • All employees of HAG/HIBAG
  • Not the entire earned income is subject to the obligation to contribute (ceiling)
    • Switzerland + Liechtenstein: CHF 12,350 per month, CHF 148,200 per year

Continued pay in the event of an accident:

  • 100% for 2 years

Personal liability / home contents

We urgently recommend that you take out personal liability insurance and home contents insurance. These policies are common in Switerzland, Liechtenstein and Europe. Often, proof of your having taken out private personal liability insurance will be requested at the time you conclude an apartment rental contract.

Motor vehicle insurance

With motor vehicle insurance, there is a distinction between mandatory automobile liability/third-party insurance and voluntary fully comprehensive coverage. The latter covers private risks. Check with your insurance company. The prices for vehicle insurance vary based on type of vehicle and there are great differences between the insurers as well. It is therefore worthwhile gathering and comparing various offers in advance.
Please note: In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, you must fit winter tires (with prescribed profile) in fall/winter. Otherwise, your insurance company has the right to refuse or only partially accept your claim in case of damage.

Special discount for Hilti employees

ZURICH: Premium reduction up to 10% on vehicle, home contents and personal liability, building insurance. The access code for the partner site is: sk4z9Ywu
AXA: Premium reduction up to 15% on vehicle, home contents and personal liability, building insurance.
Mobiliar: Premium reduction up to 30% on vehicle, home contents and personal liability insurance, building insurance for new contracts.
Generali: Premium reduction up to 19% on vehicle, home contents and personal liability, building, travel and legal expenses insurance.
For more telephone numbers and addresses of providers, see Comparis