Intern - Customer Experience

Liechtenstein, Schaan
Reference No: 6164

What's the role?

You will build the business opportunity description for customized tool service solutions for our largest customers.

Who is Hilti?

If you’re new to the industry, you might not have heard of us. We provide leading-edge tools, technologies, software and services for the global construction sector. We have a proud heritage, built over 75 years, and a worldwide reputation for pioneering products and exceptional service.

With some 28,000 people in more than 120 countries, which we’re looking to expand, we’re a great place for you to show us your worth, step up to new challenges and grow your career.

What does the role involve?

As intern in our department you’ll be part of an international cross functional team.

You’ll work closely with our experts to develop business opportunity descriptions for new services and roll out plans.

Your key responsibilities will be to assess customer needs and competitive moves to further differentiate in tool services. You will carve the new tool service VIP solutions in line with the regional marketing & service HUBs. You will help identify the customer need, and the required operational capabilities to deliver tailored solutions. Finally building a financial assessment of the value of the service for the defined customers.

Every year, Tool Service influences over 10 million touch points with our customers. We are uniquely embedded across the entire value chain of Hilti, from the product development, to defining service value proposition across channels, to direct marketing and running the operations.

What do we offer?

We’ll give you the tools you need to excel in your internship, including one-to-one coaching. You’ll enjoy a rare combination of autonomy and camaraderie, as you’ll manage your own project while being part of a friendly team.

You’ll not just be another pair of hands but a fully integrated team member with lots of self-responsibility. From there, we’ll trust you to do whatever it takes to deliver outstanding results. Go the extra mile and we’ll reward you with strategic development discussions and career opportunities.

We’ll support you even before you start with us through relocation and integration support. With the international interns community at Hilti you’ll never be bored. Further, the snow-draped mountains, crystal-clear lakes and marvelous landscapes in the Happy Valley invite for lots of outdoor activities.

Why should you apply?

We have an excellent mix of people, which we believe makes for a more vibrant, more innovative, more productive team.
So, if you have no knowledge of construction, that’s fine with us. We’re more interested in your ability, commitment and drive to succeed.

What you need is:

  • Master or bachelor degree in engineering or business with a passion for technology and marketing
  • Strong analytical and conceptual skills
  • A proactive approach and self-reliant personality
  • Strong communication skills, with excellent English and interpersonal skills

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Liechtenstein, Schaan

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Liechtenstein, Schaan

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