Tax system FL

In Liechtenstein, tax is deducted automatically from your salary each month in accordance with the guidelines of the Liechtenstein tax administration and depending on the estimated income of the year in question. The tax return drawn up the following year results in the actual tax to be paid/reimbursed.

(on the left is the tax chart for single, on the right is the tax chart for married employees)

Income tax return

You will normally receive the income tax return form by post. You then have to complete the form by a certain deadline, stated in the form, and send the completed form to your municipality of residence. After thorough review, the municipalities forward the tax returns to the Liechtenstein tax administration where they are subject to a final inspection. Depending on income and civil status, the tax to be paid is between 5% and 14%.


The tax administration can also provide you with information about existing double taxation agreements.

Tax advice

In accordance with your integration agreement, you are entitled to tax advice.
Every year you have the opportunity, through the Hilti benefit portal, to take advantage of a voucher for a tax consultation with tax consultants commissioned by Hilti. Additional hours will be charged to you directly by the tax consultant.
Once a year there is an internal company information event where employees from the tax administration provide detailed information regarding the tax return. This event is announced on the Hilti intranet.
A consultation on tax-related matters can be arranged, at no cost, with your municipality of residence or directly at the tax administration or at the above-mentioned information event.